DownloadTracer can provide you with the information you need to identify and prosecute the download pirates.

protected by download tracerBy using advanced techniques our download management software encrypts in real-time, using a client-unique key, within the wmv, MP4 or RealMedia® video file the membership username, the date, time and IP address of the downloader. With this information the originating site owner can identify the person responsible for releasing their film into the 'wild'.

Our advanced system imprints in your film the encrypted username, download date/time information and IP address using advanced RSA encryption algorithms..

This information, combined with the membership details you hold on your clients enables you to uniquely identify the culprit whilst not providing any usable or identifiable information to any third party should anyone manage to decode the film. Because DownloadTracer never has access to the membership details that only you hold on your clients there are no problems with contravening your parent country's data protection legislation.

By making it a contractual term of membership that file is not to be shared, loaned, gifted, duplicated or published in any way or form on penalty of prosecution for breach of the contract, it is now possible to sue the original downloader of the film without having to prove that they actually uploaded it to the free server. It is in the 'wild' so, ipso facto, they must have shared it.

This is approach of using contract law is far easier to do than prosecuting them for breach of copyright (the rights of which vary between countries).

We provide several levels of our confidential encoding/decoding service, details of which will be provided only to film producers and web site owners upon request and proof of bona-fides. The services can be summarised as:

  • You pay a one-off encoding software installation and licensing fee per web site. We do not charge for its usage or the number of films encoded. You only pay for the decoding services to determine the pirate's details.

    • A membership-based file check service for small producers. You provide us, via a members-only support system, with the download link to the pirated copy of your film and we download and decode it. We send you the original downloader's decoded details. You would be limited to a pre-agreed maximum number of decode requests a month. Any site membership fees required to enable us to download the film will be paid by the client.

    • Installation and leasing of our Windows-based software so that you can use it to decode the films yourself in-house. This software will only decode films produced using your unique producer key, it will not decode other producer's files. This involves time limited use in-house of our decode software. You pay an annual license fee and get unrestricted use of the decoding software during the period of your license.


If you are a web film producer who would like to discuss using our system please contact us via our support system.

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We do not answer emails and telephone support is only available to clients.


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